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Deluxe Basket

Award winning arrangements


A flower basket is a classic and beautiful gift which is perfect for any occasion; or can be put on display to create a stunning centrepiece for any room. For a quality flower basket, look no further than our Deluxe Basket.

The sort of flowers you can expect to find in our Deluxe Baskets are: Avalanche Rose, Anthurium, Soft Ruscus, Eucalyptas, Gerbera, Agapanthus, Carnations, Aspidistra, Phoenix Palm and Large White Lily.

However, owing to the fact that we refuse to use anything but the freshest seasonal flowers to create our arrangements, the flowers you will get in any specific Deluxe Basket will represent the month of the year in which you buy.

You can take home one of our beautiful Deluxe Baskets for £30.

Lush Deluxe Basket Arrangement

Only the freshest flowers in our Deluxe Baskets!