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Corey Lewis opened the newly refurbished, Inspirations flower shop, his first, in September of 2002 and immediately began to establish himself as a florist who was passionate about flowers.

Inspirations Florist has been delivering beautiful flowers and first class customer service to Huddersfield since 2002. Under the direction of Corey Lewis, Inspirations has become well known for unique and stunning arrangements, and has built up a strong base of loyal customers who appreciate the extra thought and flair that goes into every product.

Corey’s hard work meant that the business went from strength to strength, and was able to open a second store in 2008 at the Salendine Shopping Centre. This was achieved thanks also to Paul, Corey’s partner, who has worked along-side Corey, and learnt much from him about producing quality flowers and creating a business that attracts and keeps customers. Corey has been able in recent years to take a step back from the day to day running of the store, and Paul is now very much the face of Inspirations.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the original store on Wakefield Road had to be closed for some time. However, it is now reopened, refurbished, and better than ever. The running of the Wakefield Road store is now in the trusted hands of Hannah and Tony, two passionate florists who are equally dedicated to providing great flowers and great service. Many of the aims of Inspirations Florist have been met, but there's still work being done to make the brand the best it can be.

Now with two stores running at full strength and working closely with each other (with a third in the pipeline), Inspirations’ coverage is better than ever. This means that Inspirations can now deliver across Huddersfield while keeping delivery charges are at a minimum.

If you want to find out more about the continued growth and success of Inspirations Florist, why not take a look at our interview with Paul on our blog. Offering a little more history of the brand, and some wisdom about the proper running of a florist business, Paul reveals what it is that has helped Inspirations become what it is today.


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